Scene in Logan Square: Project “Ode to Laff Box”

Ode to Laff Box takes place Saturday, September 20 at 6:00 p.m. on the steps of the Logan Square monument.

Another creative mind is hosting a quirky event that will bring people out to Logan Square: a symphony Laughony of four movements.

Here’s how it works: bring yourself and your cell phone, and your friends and their phones too, to the monument steps 15 minutes early so that you can be placed in the proper section of the Laughony orchestra according to pitch and timbre.

Conductor Sit Com (Kayce Bayer) will lead the orchestra in a rousing laugh inducing rendition of (something like) Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony — also known as Ode to Joy — by coaxing out the best of canned laughter pre-recorded using your cell phone’s voice memo feature.

The Ode to Laff Box performance will be the culmination of many influences for Logan Square performance artist Kayce Bayer. The immediate genesis of the project was a friend’s wild laugh that makes Kayce laugh more and harder (laughter ). That led her to thinking about how Sit Coms use laugh tracks to prompt people about when to laugh (Ode to Laff Box ). Then there’s her interest in how people connect via, and interact with, technology (cell phones ). Some of her previous work has explored public space and how it is used or restricted (Logan Square monument ), and her performance and object-based performance art in general is about how people connect with others (symphony Laughony ).

With the Ode to Laff Box project Kayce is orchestrating (pun intended) another event that will bring folks out to Logan Square. Invite your friends and join her. C’mon: How many opportunities do you get to perform in a Laughony orchestra (or any orchestra for that matter)?

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