Logan Square is for lovers

That according to Steve Dolinsky, otherwise known as the Hungry Hound.

On his blog he picks the Top 5 restaurants for a first date in Chicago, and two of them are right here in Logan Square:  Lula Café and Longman & Eagle, both of which have received national attention this year. 

Dolinsky’s criteria:  “just focus on the food, and the atmosphere will usually take care of itself.”  Not being a foodie, ambience is key for me.  But these places have atmosphere in spades,…and buzz, which contributes to the lively ambience.

The buzz at Lula (photo left), of course, has always been the food, and Dolinsky recommends a shared dessert to ice the date cake.  But they’ve also featured interesting art on the walls, an attractive outdoor seating area, and I was particularly fond of their expansion of a few years back when it was more of a lounge (though I absolutely understand why it became another dining area).  Did you know they are expanding even further?  We’ll have to see what that iteration brings.

At Longman & Eagle (photo right), they came for the music connection and stayed for the food (and drink).  Here again they have an interesting interior and an attractive outdoor seating area with herb garden planters, and I was particularly intrigued by the inn concept.  In fact, if date night goes well, Dolinsky suggests seeing “if the upstairs bedrooms are finished yet.”  (They aren’t.)


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